Programs and ensembles

Marsja Mudde can be heard and seen in the programs below:
Vita Hildegardis Bingensis is a concert program by the new ensemble Anime Beatitudinis Cantando and focuses on the life and work of Hildegard von Bingen. In her own 12th century, this abbess was already famous for her visions, books and music and eminent persons from all over Europe corresponded with her. 
In seven scenes, the singers Agnieszka Chabowska, Cora Schmeiser and Marsja Mudde immerse themselves in the world of Hildegard and her nuns who founded a new monastery on the Rupertsberg. Compositions by Hildegard herself, supplemented by some pieces by contemporaries, sound in the context of her life story and mission. 
The audience is treated to titillating vocals, images and texts and lacks senses to take it all in. While enjoying, one gets acquainted with this “Sybille van de Rijn” and her time. 
Can be booked for the whole of 2023 and 2024.
Civitas is a project of Marsja Mudde Muziek. Civitas means city and refers to the heavenly city of Jerusalem, the city of peace with a dazzling beauty, but also to the earthly Jerusalem and the many other pilgrimage cities in Europe. In this performance, the stories of a medieval and a modern woman, both on pilgrimage, are intertwined. The medieval woman travels incognito to important pilgrimage destinations throughout Europe and in this way comes to terms with the great loss of her husband and her son. She finds comfort in the music she hears and sings everywhere and in the texts of wise contemporaries, which she reads along the way. The modern woman follows her, centuries later, with a fascination for the same music and the culture in which it originated and developed. Her "holy grail" is to find out why this music is so comforting and able to bring peace to a (her?) broken heart. Can be booked from summer 2024.


Ensembles Marsja Mudde participates in:

Anime Beatitudinis Cantando is a professional women's ensemble that breathes new life into the music of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance in a titillating way. The programs are distinguished by idiosyncratic, creative and interdisciplinary total concepts, in which the visible and audible love for this music is combined with texts and images, sometimes also other sensory resources, that together tell a story.

Ensemble Cantus Modalis is formed mostly of singers educated at the Dutch Fontys Conservatory, in Schola Cantorum Brabantiae, and / or the Centre Cantus Modalis, where they specialized in performing and interpreting medieval and renaissance music. The distinguishing feature of this ensemble is the fact that its members sing from original manuscript books. Each voice is written in its own section, as was usual at the time when these works were created, and not in the modern score layout. This positively influences the way of singing, artistic leader Dr. Rebecca Stewart knows. The ensemble often gives concerts with stunningly beautiful programs in the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries (e.g. South Korea, the Czech Republic, Italy).

Marsja Mudde Muziek